Our quality assurance puts your mind at ease

As consumers, how do you know if your products are safe? At BWL, we hope to dispel your doubts and give you absolute peace of mind when consuming or using any of our products.

You deserve to know if you are getting the best. That is why we have made it easier for you to access our product quality reports.


At BWL, we never
compromise on quality

And neither should you. Our pledge to you is quality and we take pride in what we have to offer.

Our products go through rigorous quality checks, subjected to various assessments ranging from appearance, texture and colour to ingredient safety, microbial, cosmetic steriods and heavy metal tests on a regular basis to ensure consistency and safety.


Browse our laboratory test reports

Migratable Fluorescent Substance testing is only applicable to sheet mask products.
Hydroquinone testing is only conducted on certain cosmetic products that help promote skin brightening.
Pesticide testing is only conducted on dietary supplements/food products with relevant botanical content.