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Founded in 1990,

Best World Lifestyle (BWL) envisions to create “A World at its Best” – impacting the world by empowering individuals to live their best lives.

From premium quality products (skin care, personal care, beauty, health and wellness), to a robust entrepreneurial platform and a positive, vibrant community, BWL helps individuals achieve wellness and provide opportunities to realise their personal aspirations.

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Our Mission

To impact the world by empowering individuals.
BWL helps people to live their best lives through:

Quality products

to improve their wellbeing and health

Robust business platform

to realise their aspirations and financial goals

A warm, positive and supportive culture

that encourages continuous personal growth and development



We are dedicated to cultivating a harmonious culture built upon mutual respect.


We value truthfulness and sincerity in our relationships with our distributors, partners and customers, only offering quality products that meet real needs.


We, together with our distributors and partners, greet each day with passion and curiosity, and are avid learners who look forward to creating new possibilities and becoming better people.


People are the core of our business and the reason why we exist. We strive to provide a vibrant and inclusive community where our distributors, partners and customers can connect, engage and exchange thoughts in a helpful and encouraging environment.

The Four Pursuits

Total Wellness

Health is the foundation that underpins a fulfilling life. We offer quality skin care, personal care, beauty, health and wellness products to help you stay radiant, energetic and active. By achieving inner and outer harmony from our body to our skin, we help you live life to the fullest.

Financial Freedom

We believe that integrity is the cornerstone of success. We strive to be a reliable enterprise that you can entrust your career to. By providing a robust, tried and tested business platform, we help you realise your entrepreneurial aspirations and achieve financial freedom.

Personal Growth

With a positive and willing attitude, we believe everyone can become a better version of themselves. Regardless of your background, we empower you with knowledge and equipping you with business, system, leadership and people skills. We build your confidence and encourage a positive attitude so that you can experience the joy of personal growth and breakthrough.

Social Warmth

We are committed to creating a warm and harmonious culture where individuals can experience the power and joy of teamwork and work together to support each other on this life journey.

Our Founders

Dr. Dora Hoan

A visionary with an intuitive acumen for entrepreneurship, Dora takes the lead in marketing strategy and business development. Her expertise in direct selling and strategic thinking has dramatically scaled Best World from a homegrown business into an established Asian enterprise.

Dr. Doreen Tan

Doreen combines her extensive knowledge of beauty and nutrition with a deep understanding of consumers’ needs. She serves as the business’ key product specialist, overseeing the Group’s product development and spearheading product trainings and health education.