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Your wellbeing is our ultimate goal
and unwavering passion

Inspired by a Life Harmony approach, our products focus on transforming your life through three aspects of wellness

Outer Harmony

DR's Secret is a skin care brand that helps eradicate skin problems with skin solutions that truly work. Since 2000, DR's Secret advocates flawless foundation-free skin through its range of products that targets the skin renewal process, while being easily customisable to one’s own skin.

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Miraglo creates a glowing miracle on your skin. We free your skin from dullness with patented microfibres that perform precise but gentle exfoliation, revealing skin that is radiantly smooth but unharmed.

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PentaLab relieves your body from the stresses of life by fusing attentive personal care with luxurious comfort. Using the therapeutic properties of plants and science, we create hygiene solutions that are gentle yet effective so you can take better care of yourself and your family every day.

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Inner Harmony

Avance is a premium health supplement brand that ensures you and your family enjoy quality happiness through quality health. Standing by the three promises of Efficacy, Purity and Concentration, we create health products that you can trust.

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Optrimax helps you to get into a better shape, the right way. Enriching the best of natural foods, we ensure that you look good and feel good with nutrition that works for your body.

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A healthy you is
a happy you

Our products are developed to help you stay radiant, vibrant and healthy from the inside out

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